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SMA Board Minutes - Apr. 17, 2021

· Board Minutes

SMA Directors’ Meeting Minutes

17 April 2021, 1000 hrs

Via Zoom

Attending: President Rob Burgess, Vice President Forrest Sumner, Treasurer Bob Dodge, Russell Pinizzotto, Secretary Ara Jerahian, Rowan Goebel-Bain, Al DiSabatino, Dwight Lanpher, Ron Thompson, and Paul Howell.

Rob Burgess begins by referring to the spreadsheet of action items and would like us to discuss progress on action items on future director meetings. Rob requests committee leads to reach out to others for help.

Russ was asked which committee he would like to be part of, and he said he would like to be part of the Program committee if they (Rowan & George) need help.

Rob is suggesting star parties in lieu of Zoom meetings, or maybe both. The star parties could be scheduled during the new moon. Forrest and Ara think this is a good idea. Forrest thinks this would also be a good opportunity to gather at the Neptune place as well.

Ara gave a quick update as to why he purchased a 115mm instead of a 80mm. He felt an 805mm f/7 scope would be a better mid-way scope for both larger and smaller targets.

Russ and Ara agree to discuss the targets to be presented in the May EAA presentation. The Directors agreed to delay the May meeting by 1h to be well within dusk for the EAA presentation.

Rob gave an update on the grant proposals. Russ suggested looking at the Davis Family Foundation for a potential "Presidential Grant" to help with COVID activities. Rob says there are a number of foundations we haven't approached yet, so there is enough work to be done for months. Al D. suggested we get some kind of plaque displayed in recognition of equipment purchased from a grant; Rob added to that by saying maybe we can produce a metal print of an image taken by the Bangor Savings Bank scope and present them with that.

Equipment committee has a empty spot due to Kirk R. having left the board. Kerry K. has shown interest in that position. Forrest still has equipment in his garage which he wants to get out for the membership to loan out and use. We have 2x C8s (Forrest), 1x C9.25 (Al), and 1x f/10 refractor. Rob says we have a loaning document for the checkout and checkin procedures. Bob Page is also ready to donate his C11 scopes. Rob would really like to move this along and get them either sold or prepared to be loaned out.

Open House ideas for club members: There still are COVID concerns, but it would be great to have the club members see the new Neptune location and bring the equipment all there. Rob would like to do this in June.

A discussion was also had regarding solar viewing. We do not currently have a solar scope, but board seemed amenable to adding one and reusing our EAA rig for it as well.

Flight Deck might be a good place for a star party at the new location & beers.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10am. Russ and Ara stayed on to discuss the targets for the wider EAA dry run at the May meeting.