• Turn a little-used telescope, binoculars or other astro-gear into a charitable donation that will support our mission to share astronomy with everyone! We provide itemized documentation of your charitable donation to a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for tax purposes, and of course, our gratitude.


    Donated equipment supports us in one of several ways:

    • We add the equipment to our inventory for use at outreach events like public star parties.
    • The equipment is designated to support our Equipment Lending Program which is a popular benefit offered to our membership. Loans are for one month (renewable) at no cost to the member. This empowers a young member to use equipment that would otherwise be out of reach, or allows any member to test-fly a scope of interest.
    • Donate the equipment to a vetted and deserving school or student.
    • Sell the equipment to an eager buyer thereby enhancing our funding for all programs.

    In all cases, the equipment will find good use and a good home while supporting our mission. To maximize the value of your donation and to help us make a fair market value estimate, to the extent possible: 

    • Let us know if equipment is in working order and what damage it may have.
    • Include associated accessories (tripods, carrying cases, filters, eyepieces, power cords, etc.).
    • Try to find and include any operating manuals or other printed material.

    We aren't tax experts or appraisers, but we can provide our best estimate of your donation's fair market value. If you have an interest in making a donation, thank you! Please contact:

    or reach out to any of our members, officers or directors. Thank you very much for considering SMA for your prospective donation!