• August 2023



    Dr Heidi DeBlock dicusses the physicolgical changes of deep space on the human body

    July 2023



    Greg Shanos details previous and upcoming solar eclipses.

    June 2023



    Dr. Morgan MacLeod discusses his recently published research.

    May 2023



    Dr Libby Bischof presents astronomical maps from USMs Osher Map Library

    April 2023



    Guest Speaker Aaron Clevenson from the Astronomical League

    March 2023



    Club Meeting, March 2023 with guest speaker Carrie Cruz

    Feburary 2023



    Jack St. Louis talks about the History of the Vermont Astronomical Society.

    Janurary 2023



    Dr. Ralph Lorenz takes us on a tour of Venus. Plus a tour of the constellations Cancer and Canis Minor by Russ Pinizzotto

    November 2022



    The Circulation and Climate of Exoplanets with Dr Thaddeus Komacek

    July 2022



    Exploring the Interstellar Medium with Stella Ocker