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    SMA is a community of interested professional and amateur astronomers, exchanging ideas and information at meetings, through Google Groups and the Night Sky Network. As a member of the International Dark Sky Association and Dark Sky Maine, SMA is actively involved in fighting light pollution and preserving our dark Maine skies.


    SMA Club members provide advanced astronomical equipment and mentor-ship to members, students and the general public interested in astronomy. We also plan for star parties where naked eye, binocular, and telescope viewing take place with the support of trained volunteers.


    SMA’s monthly meetings feature lectures by experts in astronomy, discussions of current events among members and member presentations.


    All regular monthly meetings will be by ZOOM, until further notice.

    Contact us for ZOOM details.


    Cumberland 48-hour Astronomical Observing Forecast : https://www.cleardarksky.com/c/StMnAtObMEkey.html?1


  • Events

    Outreach and other public events

    You can also see our events calendar on the NASA's Night Sky Network!

    SMA Monthly Club Meeting with Guest Speaker Dr. Morgan MacLeod(ZOOM Only)

    Upcoming- Thursday, June 1st, 2023, 7pm. Social "half-hour" starts at 6:30pm.

    We have a very exciting meeting planned for Thursday, June 1, 2023. Literally, hot off the presses. Our speaker, Dr. Morgan MacLeod, will speak about his research in finding the first evidence of a planet being devoured by its host star. Dr. MacLeod was co-author with Kishalay De of MIT on a new paper that was recently published in the prestigious journal Nature. The paper describes observations of an aging star that has departed the main sequence and consumes one of its Jupiter-sized planets. This has been predicted behavior, but now we have direct observational confirmation. Morgan provided the theoretical model that squared with the observations.


    The Zoom link will be sent out to our Google Group. Please use the "Contact Us" form or join our Google Group for the Zoom link, if you don't have it!

    Come join us for an afternoon of solar observation!

    Upcoming- TBD

    Topic: Come enjoy naked eye, binocular and telescopic views of the night sky and laser pointer tours of constellations, with knowledgeable observers. Free and open to the public. Rain or Shine (if inclement, astronomy talk and telescope demos to be held indoors).


    Date: May 20th

    Time: 8-10PM

    Location: 179 Neptune Drive, Brunswick

    Phone: 207-751-4651


    Hope to see you there!

  • Membership

    Support your local club and become a member of Southern Maine Astronomers!

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  • Wish to donate to SMA?

    Your donation will go to support the club including our outreach and educational efforts in the communities we serve.

    SMA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation so all donations to it are tax-deductible.

  • Committees

    We've got a top notch team! While each of these committees is staffed by Club Directors, any member can join and assist these committees in their club objectives. We welcome participation! Support your Club!


    This committee is focused on increasing membership and improving member experience.

    Purview includes club meetings, greeting members and guests, following up with new people, providing refreshments. It will be the point of contact for club clothing and such. This committee will coordinate with the Program Committee to ensure we are offering speakers and topics that square with the needs and desires of members. It will also liaise with other clubs, including student organizations, and encourage developments between clubs.


    Director Member: Al DiSabatino, Kevin Kane


    Acting as the point of contact for the public, for things like star parties, speakers, etc., and for coordinating the club’s response.

    This committee responds to groups looking for star parties and such events; would determine if it’s a request the club can accommodate; would organize club members willing to attend/staff the event. This committee also provides formal notice to news organizations and public bulletin boards and other third parties of club meetings and events.


    Director Member: Kerry Kertes, Carson Hanrahan, Maame Andoh, Russ Pinizzotto

    Club Member: Ron Thompson


    Planning for meetings, finding speakers, coordinating publicity.

    This Committee seeks speakers in contemporary topics of astronomy and space exploration that are of interest to the membership. The Committee ensures other engaging content to appeal to beginners as well as seasoned amateurs to improve their knowledge of the night sky, telescope equipment, observing techniques and astrophotography.


    Director Member: Russ Pinizzotto, Maame Andoh


    Managing club equipment, purchased and donated, to fulfill the club's outreach and educational mission.

    Club assets include purchased and donated equipment. This committee determines what best suits club needs and then seeks to sell or otherwise dispose of excess equipment with funds received used to support the club. This committee also manages the Club's Equipment Lending Program that makes more sophisticated equipment available to club members for use.


    Director Member: Kevin Kane, Ara Jerahian

    Dark Sky Advocacy

    Liaising with Dark Sky Maine, IDA, and other groups interested in controlling light pollution.

    Advocating for dark sky-friendly zoning and other regulations to control and reduce light pollution. This Committee hope to develop a recognition program for organizations and municipalities who undertake improvements in light pollution control.


    Director Member: Rob Burgess, Howie Marshall

    Club Member: Paul Howell


    This Committee is responsible for administration of club finances.

    Responsibilities include management and reconcilement of club finances and bank statements, tax filings, club insurances, etc. Recently, the club decided to undertake fundraising. This new venture will examine club short and long term goals and then find sources and develop strategies to support those goals, including the establishment of an endowment fund.


    Treasurer & Chair: Bob Dodge

    Fundraising Subcommittee: Rob Burgess, Bob Dodge, Russ Pinizzotto

    Executive Committe

    Director Members: Rob Burgess, Bob Dodge, Russ Pinizzotto, Ara Jerahian

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