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    who we are and what we do


    SMA is a community. All of us are interested in astronomy, a few of us even do that as a job. We exchange ideas and information at meetings, via Google Groups and the Night Sky Network. We actively promote dark sky practices and advocate for the preservation of our dark Maine skies, both directly and as a member of the International Dark Sky Association and supporter of Dark Sky Maine.


    Through the SMA Lending Program, members have access to a number of high quality telescopes and other accessories. We also engage in mentorship to interested members as well as students.


    SMA holds star parties involving our members and anyone else interested in the night (or daytime!) sky. Activities include naked eye, binocular, telescopic, or electronically-aided telescopic viewing with the support of trained volunteers, as well as talks or demonstrations focused on the how-to's of observing.


    We hold monthly meetings that feature scientists and their current work, or amateur astronomy topics that are often presented by one of our members. Meetings also include open mic discussions of recent observing experiences or other astro-bites. The tone is light, we're in this for fun. We have discovered that our meetings are more broadly accessible via Zoom. You don't have to be a member to join our Zoom meetings.


    Cumberland 48-hour Astronomical Observing Forecast: