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    How to Choose a Telescope

    An excellent guide for understanding the science of telescopes.


    by Adrian Ashford



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    Monthly Printable star charts


    A great tool for finding your way around the sky!fo

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    Free planetarium for your computer. This software is downloadable on Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

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    Good to Stargaze



    Provides weather condtions for a specific location and informs users on whether or not it's good to stargaze. Also includes forecast, charts, a map, etc.

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    Clear Outside



    Available on Android and iOS, this app works similarly to Astrospheric. Clear Outside provides detailed weather and sky information, across a variety of days and times, for any location on Earth.

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    SkySafari 7 Pro for iOS 14+



    With this app, you get wireless telescope control, updates on astronomical events like eclipses, sky conditions, placement of deep space objects, and many more.

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    Provides weather forecasting for astronomers. Also includes solar events.